Tips for Your Emotional Health Part 1

There are lots of things you can read or hear about health. Sometimes people forget that emotional health  affects everything including your decisions, your family, your faith and your physical health ( more on that another time).

I am listing a few simple ideas to help you improve your emotional health.

* Love freely.Give someone you care about a hug and a thank you for being in your life. Be open to possibilities that enrich your life.

* Be respectful. Take care to avoid stepping on other's toes and to make sure that your needs count equally in all that you do.

* Take quiet moments. Find time in your day to be still inside and out. Meditate with deep breathing. Relax in the shade. Soak in the tub. Watch the grass grow.

* Exercise. Get some oxygen in your brain and relieve physical and emotional stress on a regular basis. Mind and body are connected.

* Name your felings. Tell someone each day how you feel by naming the feeling. Connecting with another person reduces isolation and helps you feel grounded.

Try these for 2 weeks and see how you feel. More ideas will be in the next blog.



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07/08/2015 5:19am

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Thanks, this few simple ideas really can help improve our emotional health!


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